Rubidoux, Images of America

Rubidoux, Images of America

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The story of the town of Rubidoux has always been intertwined with the whims of the Santa Ana River. Through devastating droughts and the ravages of repeated floods, the community that began as theRobidoux Rancho (the original spelling of an early pioneer's name) evolved into a small village with a downtown centered along Mission Boulevard, the main route between Los Angeles, Riverside, and pointsbeyond. Soon there were motels for travelers, businesses that catered to residents, and Riverside County's first drive-in theater. On its way tobecoming the county's most urbanized unincorporated community, the town—originally called West Riverside—changed its name to Rubidoux in the 1950s to honor the pioneer family. This volume showcases photographs of Rubidoux, as well as of neighboring Belltown and Crestmore, in the first published collection of historic images devoted solely to these communities.

About the Author

Kim Jarrell Johnson authored Arcadia Publishing's Images of America: Jurupa and coauthored Images of America: Riverside's Mission Inn. An area resident and a graduate of Rubidoux schools, Johnson is a history columnist for the Riverside County Record and a local history researcher. For this volume, she combed through myriad sources, both public and private, to bring to life the history of Rubidoux and its environs.

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